BruceCoverFinal-smReflections of a Grunt Marine

Reflections of a Grunt Marine is the personal memoir of Bruce Meyers, whose adventures began early in life and continued through two wars and his time as a Colonel of Marines.

At thirteen, he built and used a diving helmet to recover items lost overboard in Lake Washington; at sixteen, he had climbed all six of Washington state’s highest peaks; at seventeen, he was a summer forest fire lookout in the Cascade Mountains.

These were preludes to a distinguished twenty-eight-year career in the U.S. Marine Corps, which began with the Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) at the University of Washington. After further training in the Marine schools at Quantico, Virginia, Meyers was commissioned as a Marine lieutenant in January 1945. Released from active duty in 1946, he worked as a National Park Service Ranger on Mountain Rainier, remaining in the Marine Corps Reserve until called up for active duty when the Korean War broke out in 1950. He left the Reserves to be a first lieutenant in the Marine Corps, where he began fighting in wars.

book-cover-final-sm-2Bonded by Water

Three generations of the author’s family will move you from laughter to tears with their creatively linked stories.

Dave Olson is an adventurous sailor who bridges the generations with an appreciation for family, keen observations, and sensitivity for nuance and words. And through it all is the sea: challenger, mother redeemer, and connection.

Encounter the Reverend Roy Olson, father, man of faith, political action leader, and devoted lifelong sport fisherman. Follow him as he takes his family from Minnesota to the wild coast of Southeast Alaska and back to the Pacific Northwest. Meet brother Reverend Ken, dreamer, fearless entrepreneur, spiritual leader and master boat captain; and daughter Jef, an inspiration to all who knew and loved her, whose losses are still keenly felt.

Be enthralled by the captains and friends who flow through stories of waterborne adventures from the South China Sea to Southeast Alaska.

In Bonded by Water you will get to know each of them through Dave’s eyes and through the words each left behind.

sea_travels_thumbSea Travels

Born in Nome, Alaska, in 1906, J. Holger Christensen was the son of Danish immigrants who mined gold in the sands of that rugged frontier town. His dad, a sailor who served on the last of the full-rigged sailing ships in the late 1800′s, cashed in that gold to buy a Puget Sound workboat based out of Bainbridge Island, Washington. As a young man Holger learned the skills of deckhand, navigator, and the traditions of the sea from his father. At the age of just 17 – he began his maritime career – sailing deep sea cargo ships to distant lands – always returning to North Pacific waters.

sasha_deceit_kindleSasha Plotkin’s Deceit

Sasha Plotkin’s Deceit published by Camel Press: It is 1972, and the Soviet Union has succeeded in planting a mole in the top echelons of the Central Intelligence Agency. Three years earlier, CIA officer Chris Holbeck took part in a failed mission to engineer the defection of a Soviet KGB officer who may know the mole’s identity. His name is Sasha Plotkin. When they were both stationed in Stockholm, Sweden, Chris and Sasha connected on a personal level. Then, on the day of the Soviet agent’s defection, Sasha was a no-show. Chris would soon discover the full extent of Sasha Plotkin’s deceit. Now Sasha has resurfaced and wishes to make another attempt to defect. Despite the risk to his life and his marriage, Chris answers the call of duty. If Chris succeeds in transporting Sasha to the United States—will the Soviet agent reveal the true identity of the mole? One thing is certain: the lives of the two men will be forever changed.

Walking-the-Board-Walk-by-Vaughn-Sherman2-215x300Walking the Board Walk

Walking the Board Walk is a “must read” for nonprofit board members looking for more enjoyment and satisfaction in their work, while at the same time improving the governance of the organization served. In this book Vaughn Sherman shares more than 30 years of experience in helping to guide nonprofits to a better service answering those needs.