Landing on this page will quickly bring you access to several very different books.  Clicking on one of the titles sliding above gives a description of each, an invitation to look further into the lives of three men of adventure, or find friendly advice on how best to run a nonprofit board of directors, or to read a piece of fiction about s CIA operation in Scandinavia.

The instruction in boardsmanship, Walking the Board Walk, is based on my long second career, first working with boards serving agencies around the Pacific Northwest.  Later I became a community college trustee in Edmonds, WA,, parlaying that position into the presidency of the Washington State Community CollegeTrustees Association, and later still the presidency of the national Association of Community College Trustees. Following that I was selected to be one of their consultants, traveling to all corners of out nation to facilitate board retreats.

Sea Travels – Memoirs of a 20th Century Mariner is an “as-told-to” book, I being the one who was told and wrote it down, my sea captain uncle the narrator.  Captain J. Holger Christensen was an important mentor in my life, both from giving me a love of the sea, and arranging my first job on boats in Southeast Alaska.

My real career was as an operations officer for the CIA, beginning as a paramilitary officer off the coast of China during the Korean War.  The band of adventurers I was with included Dave Olson, a man of too many adventures to list here.  We forged a friendship that has lasted more than sixty years;  When Dave finished writing his autobiography it was natural that he would turn to me and Patos Island Press for publishing his fascinating book.

The latest of the autobiographical stories, Reflections of a Grunt Marine, was written by Colonel (Ret.) Bruce F. Meyers.  Born in Bellevue, WA, before the Great Depression, Bruce’s adventures began as a teenager, continued for twenty-eight years as a Marine, followed by forty years as an attorney.  His Marine Corps Service covered World War II, Korea and Vietnam, and included such interesting sidelights as acting as a military aide to President Jack F. Kennedy.

Last but not least is Sasha Plotin’s Deceit, an espionage novel coming out of my experiences during a career of more than twenty years with the CIA. Publishers Weekly  said about this book  ”  . . . readers will be pleased with Sherman’s unpredictable plot and lively, credible spies. His liberal and detailed inclusion of Swedish history and culture, clandestine work, family dynamics, and the portrait of Chris’s mother, Mor, are engaging,.”  Sorry to say it is now out of print, but the ebook is still available at Amazon and wherever else such book are sold.  




















“Sasha Plotkin’s Deceit” is out of print in the tradeback version. It remains on sale as an e-book at Amazon and wherever else e-books are sold.